Shooting Weddings

Behind The Scenes

08 September 2020

Whilst I have had the privilege of capturing a few weddings for special couples, I choose not to be officially known as a wedding photographer.
Weddings are, all at once, beautiful, exciting, nerve wrecking and exhausting events. Capturing the unique spirit of each wedding requires a photographer to be tirelessly alert for 10-14 hours (at times even more). Mostly being a lone shooter, I will only agree to limited weddings.

At this particular wedding there was a group of children who loved the venue, and were exploring, but found the photo sessions a bit tedious.
Their spirits lifted instantly when this photographer stepped backwards to get a group shot, and stepped into a meercat hole in the ground, taking a fast tumble! In the action of getting up as fast as possible, I steadied my camera as best I could to capture the group's spontaneous enjoyment of the hilarious moment! Always look for those unplanned moments...

May the next wedding you attend be filled with happy spontaneity!